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So You Want To Be A World of Warcraft Twink? PDF Print E-mail
Frequently Asked Questions - Twink FAQs

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...You Are Not Ready!

Don't think because your toon rolled a few blues, received some green quest rewards and enchanted your weapons with a red glow, that you are a twink; you are a noob. You wouldn't last more than 30 seconds in a typical battle ground. Todays BG's are made up of rogues, warriors, paladins, shamans, druids, warlocks, and priests decked out in the best gear available and with only the rarest enchants.

Simply the want, to be a twink will not get you far in the World of Warcraft. You need knowledge, patience, gold (lots of it), and time. And your going to need help. Thats where Warcraft-Twinks.Com comes in.

WoW Twink Trinket: Arena Grand Master PDF Print E-mail
Guides - PVP Strategy and Tactics

One of the most sought after trinkets for World of Warcraft Twinks is the Arena Grand Master Trinket (shown below). Although anyone can get this trinket, only a few have what it takes. Are you one of them?

With this guide, I hope to at least give you basics and maybe even help you realize the dream... ;)

Arena Grand Master Trinket

WoW Twink TrinketArena Grand Master
Binds when picked up
TrinketEquip: Increases your dodge rating by 12 (26% @ L1).
Use: Absorbs 750 to 1250 damage. Lasts 20 sec. (15 Min Cooldown)


Where do you get it?

The AGM is rewarded from a QUEST in Gurubashi Arena(In Stranglethorn Vale). This quest IS REPEATABLE AND GIVES YOU NO EXPERIENCE(See question below for more details)

Why do people say it gives 550 Experience?
The prequel to this quest does! You only need to complete the prequel once.

How does one obtain the prequel?

A chest appears in the center of Gurubashi Arena at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 BOTH AM AND PM SERVER TIME. Various Items are in that Chest but one of items guaranteed to be there is:



WoW Twink TrinketArena Master
Binds when picked up
This Item Begins a Quest
+5 Stamina
Requires Level 35



WoW Twink Guide on Farming Wailing Caverns Without Experience PDF Print E-mail
Guides - Quest Guides

This Warcraft Twink Guide Requires the Help of a Level 40+ (the higher the better)

If you’re looking to Twink a level 19 character in any class other than Rogue, than I know you will be spending a lot of time in Wailing Caverns (WC). WC has some of the best drops for Cloth, Mail, Leather, and Ranged weapons. Unfortunately, the most prized items in WC, have some of the lowest drop rates. This leads many into the trouble of instance experience gains once in the 17 to 19 level range. This level 19 Twink Walk-thru will give you tips and tricks to help decrease the experience you gain the next time you farm Wailing Caverns.

*Note: The best and easiest way to eliminate any worries about experience gain is to start farming at early levels, that being level 14 for Wailing Caverns. At this level you can group with your high level guide and quickly breeze through the instance as many times as you and your guide can stand or the instance reset policy allows (5 resets). You will attract a lot of agro due to your level, but any guide worth a grain of salt should be able to negate this hassle. However, there are situations, when starting to farm your Twink items early is not an option. So the remaining tips will be targeted to those in the level 17 to 19 range.

Guide to Cheapest World of Warcraft Gold Hands Down! PDF Print E-mail
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Searching to find the best Warcraft Gold prices?Guide Cheap World of Warcraft Gold

You've may have already found that most Warcraft Gold farming companies are offering 1000G for $50-80 dollars. Sounds good right? Wrong, that is not the best price for Warcraft Gold. What if I told you that the best price for WoW Gold is about $39 for 150,000 gold +.... Believe me its true, and in a moment and I'll let you in on where to find this deal. But first, I want to tell you how I stumbled upon this information.

Guide to Cheap World of Warcraft Gold