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WoW Twink Trinket: Arena Grand Master PDF Print E-mail
Written by Claws   
Friday, 13 June 2008

One of the most sought after trinkets for World of Warcraft Twinks is the Arena Grand Master Trinket (shown below). Although anyone can get this trinket, only a few have what it takes. Are you one of them?

With this guide, I hope to at least give you basics and maybe even help you realize the dream... ;)

Arena Grand Master Trinket

WoW Twink TrinketArena Grand Master
Binds when picked up
TrinketEquip: Increases your dodge rating by 12 (26% @ L1).
Use: Absorbs 750 to 1250 damage. Lasts 20 sec. (15 Min Cooldown)


Where do you get it?

The AGM is rewarded from a QUEST in Gurubashi Arena(In Stranglethorn Vale). This quest IS REPEATABLE AND GIVES YOU NO EXPERIENCE(See question below for more details)

Why do people say it gives 550 Experience?
The prequel to this quest does! You only need to complete the prequel once.

How does one obtain the prequel?

A chest appears in the center of Gurubashi Arena at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 BOTH AM AND PM SERVER TIME. Various Items are in that Chest but one of items guaranteed to be there is:



WoW Twink TrinketArena Master
Binds when picked up
This Item Begins a Quest
+5 Stamina
Requires Level 35



You are not able to equip this trinket so don’t even try. Right click on it your inventory and accept the quest. Now talk to the Goblin watching the Gurubashi Arena. HE WILL GIVE YOU 550 EXPERIENCE AND WILL NOT TAKE AWAY YOUR TRINKET.

I’ve done the prequel, now what?

You now must gather 11 more identical trinkets (so you have 12 total), and turn them into the same Goblin. You will receive no experience whatsoever for doing this quest. As you can see its impossible to get this trinket in one day and very unlikely to get it in two days.

Can I have 2?
Yes, and its a good idea for melee classes especially, giving them very high dodge.

Will having 2 give me 2 different shields?
No, they share the same cool down. Shield wise having 1 is just as good as having 2.

What are some tips for getting the Arena Trinket?

  1. Have Guards, preferably level 70. A lot of 70’s that don’t even need the trinket come down for some PVP action, it’s a great place to kill people in the same faction. Be prepared for anything
  2. DIE, YES I SAID IT. Its very hard to get the trinket when you start alive. Right before the trinket drops a rogue/druid can run up to you and kill you before your guards can touch him. Instead, before the arena starts, get your guards to kill you inside the Arena and close to the chest. Then corpse run back and stand in the center of the Arena, ready to resurrect. When the chest finally drops and your guards have cleared everyone, res right ontop of the chest and start opening it.
  3. Keep a low profile. If your guards are hanging around in the middle of the Arena, people will come just for some PVP action, instead make the place look deserted and hide your guards.


Thanks: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=77169&ForumID=357854&TabID=665928&TopicID=4460150

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 June 2008 )
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